Marriage and Couples Therapy

Relationships take a partnership between two people to co-create a vision that works for both of them and works for each individually. Sustaining a long-term relationship or marriage takes effort, dedication and lots of hard work. Edy Nathan MA, … [Read more...]

Could you do this?

Stop Shopping! I love clothes. I love everything that goes into buying them. Imagine one year of no clothes shopping. In September 2013, the journey of no shopping began. I had just spent time that I didn’t have shopping for clothes I didn’t … [Read more...]

What’s Next?

A primal, raw response is occurring around the world as the unanswered mystery continues to haunt the news and media. This is not just about a plane gone missing: This is deeper and viscerally insidious. What the hell happened to that plane? If … [Read more...]

Give up the New Year’s Resolution: 10 tools to implement change

In a culture where mindfulness and being in the moment are heralded as the key to inner peace and joy, isn’t it curious that as 2013 comes to a close, people in the USA and Europe tend to create a roadmap of resolutions for the New Year. The talk of … [Read more...]

Eat. Buy. Be.

Holidays. Here they are! Screaming at me to pay attention. To celebrate…what? From the TV:  “Hi, remember me-  I am Thanksgiving being advertised in September and I am Christmas begging you to buy in October. Come to me. Come and celebrate…it is … [Read more...]

Finding the True Self

The fight to find truth in ourselves is unquestionably one of the most daunting personal obstacles we face in life. Even when we believe that we are truthful, transparent in our behavioral interactions, there often seems to be an underlying motive … [Read more...]

The Loss of My Mother

Stories. We all have them! They define us. Each aspect of some past memory is a story that remains. When does a story shift from being just a story to part of our muscle memory, part of our cellular memory? So much so, that when we think about the … [Read more...]

Get Away From Me…!

Have you noticed that there has been a lot of disaster around you? The weather, foreign affairs, the news about town, all creating an environment of alert especially for someone who has a history of traumatic experiences. As hard as you try to go … [Read more...]

The Magician Within

We are all magicians in our own way. Our personas shift depending on where we are, who we are with, what we are reminded of and how old we feel at the time. We are all of the ages that precede the age we currently are. A few nights ago I went out … [Read more...]

What is Your Constant?

The moon is high in the sky. Its fullness lights the night allowing us to see through  to the darkness. Curious how significant the moon is in our lives. It is one of those  constants. You can count on the Moon rising as the Sun sets. You can count … [Read more...]