Transparency and the World of Therapy

As a therapist, I face many challenges that force me to learn more about the psyche and how it lives in each of us. Lately, I have been struggling with the idea of transparency. This is a concept in the world of therapy that relates to how I interact … [Read more...]

A Tool for Releasing Anxiety & Regaining Focus

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The Sandusky Case: Reliving Your Abuse

How has abuse effected you in your life? Please download this guide to help you write out 1-10 of how it effects you. With the Sandusky trial at its end and the whirlwind of news coverage surrounding the case, are you finding that you are reliving … [Read more...]

Intro to Archetypes

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Father’s Day

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Being Present

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Wizard of Oz Part 5: The Power of the Shoes

  Dorothy is faced with balancing good and evil as she continues on with her journey. Good and Evil are basic archetypes that are a collective of past, present and future focused interactions between the self and anything or anyone the self … [Read more...]

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

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Mourning Mom on Mother’s Day

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The Psychology of Addiction in the Celebrity World

Whitney Houston. Amy Winehouse. Michael Jackson. Isn’t it amazing that artists who touch our lives have such tough, unrelenting struggles of their own? The gift that was given to these vocal artists, creators of sound, rhythm and soul, became an … [Read more...]