Wizard of Oz Series: Part 4, The Yellow Brick Road

The Ruby Slippers have been forced upon Dorothy. There is no choice in the matter when Glenda magically adorns her feet with them. She replaces the shoes of a girl with the shoes of an older, more mature adult. Though they fit her, she has not yet … [Read more...]

The Wizard of Oz Series: Part 3

The story of the Wizard of Oz takes us through an array of emotional complexities. Be aware of how you see yourself as we delve further into the next aspect of the story- Dorothy is swept up into the tornado or cyclone, as it is referred to in the … [Read more...]

Wizard of Oz Series, Part 2– Anger’s Journey

The Wizard of Oz is filled with wonderful archetypal images representing the parts of us that we all carry, better known as powerful roles that embody the collective unconscious. As we continue this conversation about the symbols in this story I hope … [Read more...]

The Therapy Journey & The Hidden Agenda

“I don’t remember anything. Can you please help me to remember. It is all a blank. I feel like I know something. I feel it in my body. An internal knowing haunts me to the point that at times I cannot sleep. I know that something went terribly … [Read more...]

Wizard of Oz Series, Part 1 – Leaving The Home of Abuse

“The Wizard of Oz”, is an enticing and long lasting story that encapsulates so much about life. Join me in a series of weekly blogs that root themselves in the Zen of this story while you grasp a greater understanding of you and your relationship to … [Read more...]