Could you do this?

no-shopping-1Stop Shopping!

I love clothes. I love everything that goes into buying them. Imagine one year of no clothes shopping.

In September 2013, the journey of no shopping began. I had just spent time that I didn’t have shopping for clothes I didn’t need. As I left the store, feeling that excitement that many of us experience after shopping, I took a breath…a deep breath, exhaled and wondered, what would happen to me, to my psyche, to my sense of well being, if I just stopped purchasing stuff.

What I learned:

-I had more time.
Passing a store just afforded me more time to write, think and create.
-I had more money.
Every time I wanted to purchase that beautiful dress or top, I figured the cost, and was excited to know what I just saved.
-I had to self-soothe and talk to the part of me that wanted to shop.
Yes, self talk- “Edy, keep walking. You do not need this and you have made a promise to your self. Be aware of what you are feeling. What you are attempting to avoid if you buy? Remember how much time you will have if you continue walking.” Honestly, at times I felt sad, at other times I was elated, knowing that I had integrity with my self. That integrity part is a big one.

What I learned in that year is that I don’t need much. It is easy to be lured into a store and much harder to resist the echoes of my own internal voices begging me to just take a look. Like the trickster, making an attempt at coercing me to believe that what I see is what I need. Not true. My inner being is stronger than the voice of the trickster. I actually felt better choosing to be disentangled from the web of shopping.

It is now November 2014, and though I have purchased some clothes, my relationship to shopping has certainly shifted.

What do you think you would discover about yourself if you chose to withdraw from something that entices you, like shopping, for one month, 6 months or even a year?


  1. You now have too much time on your hands! But! Welcome to my world- I HATE shopping!!! I remember you having to take me by the hand when needing maternity clothes! I was determined to wear my REAL clothes until I gave birth just to not have to shot!

    We need to catch up, but at least you know ONE thing has stayed consistant with me. 🙂

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