Dooms Day Predictions Abound!

Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012 and Dooms Day Predictions abound!

Now what? What do we do when we have an expectation, especially one that would end our lives, and it does not come to fruition?

In thinking about what I would write to you about this date, an internal argument ensued.

One part of me felt the urge to explore the reasons the Mayan Calendar ended now, commenting on the catastrophes that have occurred not only in the United States but world wide. All the death and destruction that we have had to witness is certainly a dying of the world we know.

The other part of me wanted to wait this out just to see what the day would bring. Would we really be gone? Writing about the impending end of the world, surely would not matter. We would all be dead. Why waste good paper, time and energy if it was the end of world.

Isn’t it essential that we take every day as if we are dying? We breathe life into our movements, our friendships, our work and our identities.  The goodness we have received is paid forward by us.

Mayan Calendar ceases to exist on December 21, 2012. What part of us ceases to exist when we have an expectation that is not fulfilled? How do you cope with disappointment? Unfulfilled promises? Perhaps there is a hope that simmers in some of us that we can have the world end and no longer be responsible for our own lives. Is the Mayan debate one that asks us, as a people, as a universe, to be responsible and have integrity in the life you live. How you treat yourself and your loved ones. How you treat and talk to strangers.

Waking up to yourself on the day after December 21, 2012 may be the beginning of your life. In every death there is a birth. How do you want to birth your self? It is time to find a sense of yourself that you have yet to meet. Take a minute, pausing in the rush of doing your life in exactly the same way, and do it differently. Stop blaming or looking for the end of the world to blank out what you need to see.

Opportunities abound in seeing the self. Do you dare to meet all of the parts of you? . If not now, When?

Tomorrow may just be the end of the world!


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