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Souls ‘N Sync presents:

The First Steps to Unmasking Your Gremlin

Edy Nathan and Jenny Israel are back to revisit the inner world of Masks, and peel back the layers of anxiety and fear to reveal the “Gremlin”!
The Gremlin can be identified under many aliases: The Ego, Fear of the Inner Child, the Pain Body…but no matter what it is called, it comes down to the voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough. We can spend our lives running away, or hiding, from opportunities because we believe deep down that this voice is speaking the truth.
The Gremlin can be found at the source of many, if not all, of our fears and doubts, and is a key player in the development of other Masks that we wear in our everyday lives. Imagine having the key to your core fears, to be able to reveal the source of energy that has created the belief that you aren’t worthy. How would your life change if you were able to pull these answers into the light?
Well the simple answer can be found in the old saying, “The Truth will set you free!”
In this FREE Webinar, Edy Nathan and Jenny Israel:
•    Introduce the basics of the “Mask”
•    Introduce the “Gremlin”
•    Explore
o    How and when the gremlin is born
o    How they get in your way
o    How they serve you
•    Help you to start the conversation with your Gremlin so that you may
•    Begin to identify your Gremlin
•    Give it a Voice
•    How you can begin to shift its energy
•    Facilitate a short Q&A session
This isn’t about destroying your Gremlin or leaving it behind: The Gremlin is a very important part of you. With this technique you will embark on a journey of self-integration to experience wholeness, and be the best version of YOU that you can be.
Join us for this eye-opening adventure of self-discovery, where you might find one more way to bring your Soul into Sync!




Souls ‘N Sync- Journey’s for a Lifetime Presents:

Unmasking the Self: An Introduction

The conversation covers:
• What is a mask? What is a chakra?
• Do we all have them, wear them?
• How to separate the power of the masks we wear, what works for you & what doesn’t?
• How to integrate new masks into your life.
• Map out the masks in your life to find out how fixed/mutable the masks you wear are.
• The birth of the mask in your daily life, and how it influences your relationships with people around you.
• Get in touch with the inner self and understand all the different aspects- the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!





 The Suzane Northrop Show

Suzane Northrop is a world-renowned Psychic Medium who has been making connections with the other side for over 30 years. She interviewed Edy December 2013.


The Governor David Paterson Show WOR Radio 710

         Ex- Governor of New York, David Paterson,  is the host of the afternoon drive-time radio show “The Governor David Paterson Show” on

WOR Radio 710. Edy gives her psychological view of the “Penn State Scandal”.

Listen here



         The Suzane Northrop Show

Suzane Northrop is a world-renowned Psychic Medium who has been making connections with the other side for over 30 years. She has a internet radio show called “The Suzane Northrop Show”.

                 Listen as Suzane interviews Edy Nathan here.

The Paranormal View

Hosts Henry Foister,Craig Rupp,Geoffrey Gould and Patty Lynam

welcome Edy Nathan of A&E’s Psychic Kids to The Paranormal View.

Click to Replay interview here.




The Sheena Metal Experience is definitely not your mother’s talk radio show. Combining today’s hottest celebrity guests and tomorrow’s most irreverent headline-makers, the show is raw, uncensored, and all-Sheena-all-the-time. Using her trademark cutting-edge observation, LA entertainment icon Sheena Metal rips the veil off the human sideshow, exposing Homo Sapiens at their most bizarre — making you wonder how you ever got by without her. It’s talk radio the way it was meant to be, “Sheena-Style”: unscripted, unpredictable, a little horrifying, and a lot hysterical. Every Monday through Friday 5-7pm (PST)

Listen to the replay here