Heroin is No Heroine

Phillip-Seymour-HoffmanHeroin is no heroine- at first pleasing, and alluring- begging you to take a taste, through the needles sharp edge as it meets the skin, breaking  to take you into a delicious oblivion: An oblivion, that those who have lived to tell it, is like none other.

Ah, Philip, I did not know you, yet I felt as if you could have been a friend. To me, you represented the Everyman: the man we loved, the man who was always transforming in a magical way. You embodied a chameleonesque quality in the parts you chose to play. I wonder if you knew how much you were admired?

At once charming, then eccentric and boyishly funny, as a “Master” you were masterful.  You invited your audience into the hearts of each character. I wonder if you knew the impact your death would have on us?

The lure of your knowing eyes and smart retorts told of a soul older than your years:  A life experience that betrayed your youth.

Did you know, did you know the impact your death would have?

It’s Superbowl Sunday, I am in my car driving home from the mundane activity of grocery shopping. I have the radio on and a news report comes on. You know, one of the “Breaking News” stories that I have become immune to? It blurbs out “Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in his Village apartment with a needle in his arm….” It goes on and I tune out. Before I know it, involuntary tears are streaming down my face. I am somehow catapulted into an active state of grief, perhaps my body remembering the losses in my own life…yet my reaction is part of a collective unconscious.

We are all so fragile.

Overtly, we can look big, prosperous, strong and impervious to the struggles that are bestowed upon us, ironically it is all an act. It comes down to the struggle of Everyman. We all meet the inherent struggle of “I and Thou”.

In this case, the “I” is me or you or Philip or any one person walking down the street. The “Thou” is the Heroin that elicits internal cravings that mask themselves as our own voices but really is the Evil brother that lives within and was co-created by our past.

Did you know? Did you know that your name would be bannered on all of the news stations across the United States? Did you know that your death would be the gift of life to those who might have bought the same heroin you bought, but didn’t?

You see, we just don’t know the lessons we leave. We can find the heroine in heroin- we need to wake up to this horrific drug and get it off of our streets. We must understand the value of a life worth living.

I hope that each of you can understand the choices there are regarding how you live your life?

Did you know that you have the power to have humility? Did you know that your life is valuable? Did you know that we are all fragile? Did you know that you have the right to have a voice? Did you know that you can be the best you by getting in touch with the worst in you?

To all of the Philip’s out there, thank you and you will be missed.


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