Hurricane Sandy: In the Eye of the Storm

Hurricane Sandy hits the Northeast. A storm unlike any we have ever seen. Trees that have held the stories of the people who have lived within their view, tumbling down without so much as a hesitation, point to the devastation suffered by so many.  As a result of the breadth of the storm, a 400 year old tree fell to its death in Conneticut. The life of this tree began prior to the arrival of the Pilgrims. What has happened to the world as we know it? The death and destruction abounds in the loss of homes, pictorial evidence of family history destroyed with the ravages of water while landscapes are forever changed. Tell me, how does the psyche survive? Those who did suffer loss, look around in disbelief, craving for something that looks and feels like home. Those who did not lose anything, perhaps some power, they suffer for having survived unscathed. The survivors want to help. Reach out. Make it better. Some are met with eyes of hunger, craving to be seen, heard and helped. Resentment also takes center stage as those who have reached out to the have not’s are met with a bitterness, both old and new.

Even if you did not lose what others have lost, there is a growing sense that change is happening before our very eyes. Our stories now not only revolve around the wars abroad, or hunger or the rampage of violence in our streets, our stories now revolve around the natural disasters created by the force of weather. Our stories are no longer about what others have done, they are now about forces that seem to be out of hands. Natural disaster. Yet, somehow created by man. The warming-up of the world and the residual melting of the world, melds us into a melting pot where life will have no meaning unless we just stop and do things differently. Make different choices. We say- we cannot stop- we say- it must be about abundance- we say- I need to have, I want- Yet, as many stood in line for gas, as many were unable to heat their homes, go to work, or be productive in the sense that we know it, another form of productivity and creativity took hold.

What did you learn about yourself?

How can you choose to live a bit differently as this Natural wake-up call, aroused you with the loudest of alarms?

Do the lights really need to be on all of the time?

Do you really need to be connected to the internet 24/7?

How can you just sit with your kids/partners and just be- holding each other not in fear but rather in joy?

How has quiet been replaced by such activity, forcing the earth to silence you, quiet you, force you to realign yourself with some basic, simple ways of being?

Does Christmas have to be about what you get? Could it be about who you are? Who you engage with? Laugh with? Co-creating an energy of joining as the Earth rebounds in its loud cry to be nurtured and cared for.

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