In the News: Warren Jeffs Manipulates Sect from within Jail

The psychological make-up of a charismatic leader is fraught with both positive and negative personality traits. The very aspects that enable that leader to draw people in, is the very same psychological factor that enables him to act in ways that are divisive and controlling and fosters a role not unlike that of a dictator. The ability of such leaders to mind map the people who will follow them, enables them to engage in the world in creative and manipulative ways. Hypnotic in their presentation, they create a trance for their followers: that trance is very hard to break through once the trance has been successfully given. The leader is revered. He is seen through rose colored glasses.


Warren Jeffs, is this type of charismatic leader. As he extols orders from his prison cell, those that remain in trance, cannot imagine giving up what has been dictated to them by their leader. A pedophile in action while in plain sight, Jeffs created an environment that allowed for sexual deviant behavior by the men, while the women and girls were stuck believing that there was no way out.  Imprisoned themselves, they had no voice, nor did they even know they could have one!


What his brother, Willie Jessop says is, “You never got to see the man behind the curtain and there were so many curtains and so much secrecy.” Not unlike the unexposed Wizard, in the Wizard of Oz. Yet, once exposed the Wizard from Oz, came out from hiding, with his tail between his legs. Enough of his psyche had one foot in reality: that reality spoke to his lack of sense of self., knowing that the only way he could be heard, and could govern, was behind the curtain. He could not gleen his own sense of self without the safety of that curtain. The Wizard, of course, is a fictional character. Jeffs, is not!


Jeffs is behind the curtain of steel bars and forbidden entre into the world at large, yet his maniacal nature precludes him from letting any of these bars from stopping him.


His trial and subsequent imprisonment did actually awaken some of his followers from their trance. This resulted in 1500 of them being either excommunicated or put on probation by him Some of them have broken up the ”families” that Jeffs ordered were part of God’s will and plan. Some of them have left the order of the church and Jeffs for good. Others, remain in their homes, and who knows what is going on behind those closed doors. The rules set forth by Jeffs with regards to the family life of under aged girls and women, living within the sexual confines and rules do not look to protecting girls from being raped.


Truth is something that we all need in our lives. What is truth? What is the ability to know right from wrong? What is right for you and what is wrong for you? How do people get so lost in what is “GODS” right? Personally, I never knew that there was right for God. How do you help people get out of the trance of deprivation, the trance of living for another in the name of God, and the trance of curtains and secrecy.


AN evolution does need to take place. There are 40,000 members that are part of this church. Most of them have not yet found their voice. They live in fear of Jeffs, and ultimately of God. It is very sad for people to live in such fear. Having fear based lives, lives that are indicted with guilt and shame keeps the trance going.


It seems to me that all people who are entranced by such a leader get hurt, We look at Manson, and we look at Jone’s and now at Jeffs. So much has been lost for the people who engaged with the charisma and the psychological make-up of a dictator. Ultimately, the pathology that Jeffs exhibits as he sits in prison, enables him to continue to rule those that remain in trance.


Let me ask you a question. Have you ever known someone in your life who you felt took your heart and or your freedom, and began to control you? If you have, and you would like to share your story, I would like to hear about it. Are you still in that situation? If not, how did you get out of it?



  1. Well, being a victim of child abuse myself I guess I have been controlled by others. Not under the guise of religious doctrine but individual control. I was lucky I guess and my abuse was a one time event but with 3 different people. And all three were more of molestation then rape. When it was happening it felt like I couldn’t say anything or do anything about it since they were family friend and one was a family member. I think knowing these peoe had a connection with our family it made it hard for me to tell anyone.

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