The Psychology of Metamorphosis: From Crumbs to Cookies

Metamorphosis. Moving from one stage into another stage. Change. The ability to move from a stage that is psychologically stagnate to a stage of understanding that you have the fortitude to blossom, allowing for you to birth out of dormancy.  Here is a story. See where you fit in the story. How can you metamorphosize your sense of self? It takes insight, self-confidence and risk!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was walking on a path. She was quite an observant little girl, and saw that as she walked there were cookie crumbs lining the very walkway she was on. She began to pick up the crumbs, realizing that these were chocolate cookie crumbs. One by one, she picked up the crumbs, ate them and felt instantly satisfied by the savory flavor in her mouth.

She went along this path for years. Each time she walked it, she picked up the crumbs, held them in her hands and ate them. She was proud of herself that she was able to have parts of a cookie, enjoy whatever she could get, sometimes with the added surprise of an actual piece of chocolate hidden in one of the crumbs.

Then one day, while walking along the path, she saw another person walking along the same path she had been taking for years.   Yet, this person, another woman was not bending down every few minutes to pick up crumbs, instead she was eating a WHOLE COOKIE! She was beside herself. How was it possible that after all of these years, while walking the path, she never realized that she could have a whole cookie?

While she continued to walk the path, feeling the pain in her back every time she bent down to get the crumbs it did not even occur to her that she could get the cookie in any other way? It did not occur to her that she did not have to experience back pain all of these years. A whole cookie was not in her psychological make-up. She began to question her psychological inability to grasp the idea of her own entitlement. How could she enjoy a whole cookie?

She wanted to learn to prepare herself to have the whole cookie and to enjoy it. In her growing up years, no one had ever taught her that she did not have to eat crumbs. No one encouraged her or taught her how to make her own whole cookie.

We are not born with the instinctual knowledge that we deserve the whole cookie.  It is an emerging lesson taught to us by those who raise us.

With this information she very easily could go into an emotional tailspin, hovering close to the depths of depression and anxiety. She, however chose to respond differently to her insight.

She asked a lot of people, how do you make a chocolate chip cookie, and each person she asked gave her their special way of making this cookie. She went to the store, bought flour(the base of the souls life), sugar(the ability to take in the sweetness of  life), eggs( that which holds it all together), chocolate (stability and vitality in life), vanilla( flavorful choices) and some secret ingredient (we all have something that needs to belong to us and no one else), she wouldn’t even tell me!

She made many batches of cookies. Some were too dry, some were too moist and some just did not taste right. She experimented until she found the exact recipe that was right for her. She did not even know what was right for her, as she had never even asked herself this question. What do I want? What tastes good to me? Do I even like chocolate chip cookies?

When she finally made the perfect cookie for herself, she realized that she had been willing to take the crumbs off the path, never once knowing that she not only deserved the whole cookie, but could learn to make it for herself. No one could dictate to her how often she could make the cookie, what flavor the cookie had to be or even when she would eat the cookie.

Crumbs were no longer part of her repertoire. The path of the cookie crumbs changed once she observed how another took what they deserved.

Now she is her own chef. She makes many different types of cookies. Each one has its own basket. She has found her soul along the way. She metamorphosized.

Start your metamorphosis today!

*In what way have you experienced the crumbs?

*When did you realize that you needed to work on creating a different recipe so that metamorphosis could take place?

*Are the crumbs recreated in relationships?

*When you recognize the crumbs what do you do to negotiate your way to having the whole cookie?


  1. Beautiful Edy! When are you coming to do a workshop at Om Sweet Om? We could do something together if you think integrating yoga would work! Love you!

  2. I would love to create a workshop with you. Integrating Yoga with the cookie metaphor is quite a delicious way of working the mind, body and soul connection!

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