Personal & Group Sessions

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Do you want to work with Edy and are unable to do so because you live in another state or are home bound? This is a safe way to work on the you that you want to be. Understand the emotions and commentaries that live within you while in the privacy of your home.

Edy Nathan offers both personal and group psychotherapy sessions. The individual sessions with Edy enable you to address issues that create an obstacle in your life: grief, abuse, anxiety and give you tools to help you feel better in your everyday life.

Edy’s audio/video session is similar to an IM session except that it requires a media stream such as Skype or another source like the safe and encrypted Webex.

Purchase Personal Appointment with Edy:

Personal 45 Minute Session
Personal 45 Minute Session
Personal 45 minute Appointment Session with Edy
Price: $250.00

Group sessions have between 8-12 participants. The one hour group can be done through safe chat rooms. The longer sessions require the participants to be in attendance in person.

Like personal sessions,  groups are done within the context of creating a safe place for you to come and understand your sense of self, your thoughts and your personal journey.

Group - 90 Minute Session
Group - 90 Minute Session
Group session to help you get in touch with you
Price: $125.00

4) Dream groups: $125.00- $160
Ongoing, interactive groups that enable you to understand and delve into the psyche of your dreams. Please  email me for more details. Also look on the events page for more info.

“You have made a huge impact on my life!”

As far as working with you, I believe I’m a very lucky person for having the chance to know you. It was amazing to be able to work with such an amazing and sincere person as yourself, and you have made a huge impact on my life. You immediately made me feel comfortable about things I never thought I would feel comfortable opening up about, and helped me to realize that it is all right to open up and express how I’m feeling.

You were very understanding and non judgmental, and being both are very rare qualities in people, I loved meeting someone that carried both qualities so strongly. With your clear compassion for others and enthusiasm for helping others, you have made a great difference in my life for the better as I’m sure you have many others. I think it is impossible for me to be any more appreciative for being given the opportunity to both work and know you. You truly are genuine.

This is my honest opinion, so I hope it comes of use for you with your new site. Let me know if you need anything else.


“As a guy, I thought I could just tough it out or that I was admitting something was really wrong if I saw someone”

I worked with Edy for approximately 6 months. I had a very difficult time coming to a decision to go to therapy. As a guy, I thought I could just tough it out or that I was admitting something was really wrong if I saw someone. The most striking thing about the experience was that Edy was so thoughtful and welcoming. At no time did I feel uncomfortable and she often helped me see things from a new perspective. I had lots of trouble getting past certain things and lots of issues that were unresolved. Edy helped me see those issues clearly