Divine Forgiveness: 10 Tools for Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a potent facet in the Dance of Grief. The absence of forgiveness keeps people stuck and inhibits the healing process. The losses in life affect everyone differently. Whether the loss of a loved one, having a serious illness or even as … [Read more...]

I Have a Dream…

50 years ago Martin Luther King, Jr delivered a speech in Washington, DC to a crowd of 250,000 people. The script he held in his hand as he approached the podium was only partially read when he changed it to reflect his own awakening, and perhaps … [Read more...]

Grief: It’s Not Just About the Death of a Loved One

The disappointments carried within our souls are all part of a grief phenomena. We are grieving all of the time. Depression, anxiety and even obesity can be in response to a loss and at the same time can cause a grief reaction. The funny thing is is … [Read more...]

The Power of Past Life Regression

Have you ever asked the question “Why am I here?” Have you ever wondered why you feel an instant electricity and alignment with certain people and not with others?  Isn’t it curious that through hypnosis we can re-experience being in the … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Complex?

  In therapy today, yes, the therapist does see a therapist, we were talking about how complexes hold court within the soul. You might ask, “What is a complex?” In layman’s terms it is an unconscious pattern of emotions and desires that are … [Read more...]

Sandusky Scandal: Who IS Responsible?

    What happened at Penn State should never happen. The children became marks and were read very well by the perpetrator. Many do not understand that these perpetrators do not look "strange". If you would like to see what a … [Read more...]

Libya: The Death of a Dictator

In the news, we hear of Moammar Ghadafi’s death. The definition of a dictator is one who has absolute or despotic control or power. This savage of a man who held a country hostage while he, in his varied sociopathic and demented ways,  believed that … [Read more...]

The Therapy Journey & The Hidden Agenda

“I don’t remember anything. Can you please help me to remember. It is all a blank. I feel like I know something. I feel it in my body. An internal knowing haunts me to the point that at times I cannot sleep. I know that something went terribly … [Read more...]

Survivorship – Childhood Trauma – The Real Deal

We use the word “survivor” to embody having been able to live through some horrific circumstance: survived the holocaust, survived the Oklahoma City bombing, survived abuse of any kind, survived the floods in the South. The trauma that results in … [Read more...]

Wizard of Oz Series, Part 1 – Leaving The Home of Abuse

“The Wizard of Oz”, is an enticing and long lasting story that encapsulates so much about life. Join me in a series of weekly blogs that root themselves in the Zen of this story while you grasp a greater understanding of you and your relationship to … [Read more...]