Moving from Regret to Regrowth

Regret is part of a sense of loss that we carry in ourselves. Regret and shame are often related. Remember the time you said something and later regretted saying it? Or you wish that you had responded differently to a situation and believe that … [Read more...]

Part One: Preparing Yourself for Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? Awake all night. Have insomnia? Need a tool for falling sleep? This video helps you prepare yourself for sleep. … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Complex?

  In therapy today, yes, the therapist does see a therapist, we were talking about how complexes hold court within the soul. You might ask, “What is a complex?” In layman’s terms it is an unconscious pattern of emotions and desires that are … [Read more...]

Where have all of our heroes gone…?

"Ultimately, a hero is a man who would argue with the gods, and so awakens devils to contest his vision." NORMAN MAILER Lance Armstrong. The story of a hero turned into a horror story.  He decimated the respect and awe people had for him in both … [Read more...]

A Tool for Releasing Anxiety & Regaining Focus

[Read more...]

Libya: The Death of a Dictator

In the news, we hear of Moammar Ghadafi’s death. The definition of a dictator is one who has absolute or despotic control or power. This savage of a man who held a country hostage while he, in his varied sociopathic and demented ways,  believed that … [Read more...]

Wizard of Oz Series: Part 4, The Yellow Brick Road

The Ruby Slippers have been forced upon Dorothy. There is no choice in the matter when Glenda magically adorns her feet with them. She replaces the shoes of a girl with the shoes of an older, more mature adult. Though they fit her, she has not yet … [Read more...]

The Wizard of Oz Series: Part 3

The story of the Wizard of Oz takes us through an array of emotional complexities. Be aware of how you see yourself as we delve further into the next aspect of the story- Dorothy is swept up into the tornado or cyclone, as it is referred to in the … [Read more...]

Wizard of Oz Series, Part 2– Anger’s Journey

The Wizard of Oz is filled with wonderful archetypal images representing the parts of us that we all carry, better known as powerful roles that embody the collective unconscious. As we continue this conversation about the symbols in this story I hope … [Read more...]