A Tool for Releasing Anxiety & Regaining Focus

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Intro to Archetypes

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Being Present

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Wizard of Oz Part 5: The Power of the Shoes

  Dorothy is faced with balancing good and evil as she continues on with her journey. Good and Evil are basic archetypes that are a collective of past, present and future focused interactions between the self and anything or anyone the self … [Read more...]

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

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Mourning Mom on Mother’s Day

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The Psychology of Addiction in the Celebrity World

Whitney Houston. Amy Winehouse. Michael Jackson. Isn’t it amazing that artists who touch our lives have such tough, unrelenting struggles of their own? The gift that was given to these vocal artists, creators of sound, rhythm and soul, became an … [Read more...]

In the News: Warren Jeffs Manipulates Sect from within Jail

The psychological make-up of a charismatic leader is fraught with both positive and negative personality traits. The very aspects that enable that leader to draw people in, is the very same psychological factor that enables him to act in ways that … [Read more...]

Libya: The Death of a Dictator

In the news, we hear of Moammar Ghadafi’s death. The definition of a dictator is one who has absolute or despotic control or power. This savage of a man who held a country hostage while he, in his varied sociopathic and demented ways,  believed that … [Read more...]

Gay Marriage- Finally Legalized in New York State!

What a triumph. How wonderful for all the people I know and love and even for those I have never met, yet who have been denied this basic right-the right to bond legally. Why shouldn’t everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, be given the same … [Read more...]