Libya: The Death of a Dictator

In the news, we hear of Moammar Ghadafi’s death. The definition of a dictator is one who has absolute or despotic control or power. This savage of a man who held a country hostage while he, in his varied sociopathic and demented ways,  believed that … [Read more...]

In the News: Alabama

Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee are among the Midwestern states that were devastated two days ago when tornadoes, unlike any seen in the past 40 years, touched down, changing many lives forever. The weather has become another personality that we must … [Read more...]

The Therapy Journey & The Hidden Agenda

“I don’t remember anything. Can you please help me to remember. It is all a blank. I feel like I know something. I feel it in my body. An internal knowing haunts me to the point that at times I cannot sleep. I know that something went terribly … [Read more...]