The Gift of the Illusionist

unemployedThe current job market has left many people out of work. But the period after job loss is exactly the time to make a move toward standing out during a job search. It is the part of the self meeting the Illusionist and the Magician within.

After job loss or rejection, grief often plays into a lack of self-confidence and feelings of imbalance. As a result, grief can erode your sense of self on a daily basis, and unfortunately, in the current job market grief is ever-present. But, the powers of illusion and magic can help people to get back on track.

A few nights ago I saw a magic show with some friends, and during the program the illusionist said “nothing you’re about to see is true and everything is false.” His comment led me to think about what people show to the world and themselves with the gift of illusion. It also tapped into my existing ideas about how illusion could be used to help people in the job market.

This gift becomes most evident when a person is faced with a job interview. The clothing decided upon, the make-up, and the mental preparation is part of the development of the inner illusionist. Carrying the illusion to fruition is the role played by the magician within. The Illusionist goes into a job interview knowing that what is being projected is part of a persona reflecting confidence, refinement and presence. Meanwhile, The Magician makes it happen, shifting personas depending on different variables.

However, this scenario can still be affected by negative feelings. Fears and disillusions will emerge when you believe that the interviewer can figure out that you are merely an illusionist, but this is the time for you to counter the negative thinking and change it. Here are some suggestions when talking to the self:

– I am the right person for the job!

– I believe in me.

– I am the right fit.

– I will imagine having a good interview.

– I will not lose sleep over this.

This reminds me of an old childrens’ book called “The Little Engine That Could”. The little red engine did not believe it could get up the hill. It continued to try, pushing itself not once, not twice but several times. It wanted to conquer that which seemed impossible! The internal voice continued to say ”I think I can” over and over and over again.

Become a believer.

Invite the critic to morph into the cheerleader: the byproduct of that is it turns the nervous stomach into excitement.

What does the self say when the critic emerges?

What do the internal voices say to counter the voice of the critic?

What does forging ahead and breaking free of the commandments of the critic look like?

What does the magician look like?

When you act like you can do it, imagine it and walk the walk, you’re being more than just an illusionist. You are owning the power that illusion yields, so go out and get that job.




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