What is Your Constant?

The moon is high in the sky. Its fullness lights the night allowing us to see through  to the darkness. Curious how significant the moon is in our lives. It is one of those  constants. You can count on the Moon rising as the Sun sets. You can count on the degree of brightness it shares with us depending on the clouds and the surrounding weather. Though it is so many thousands of miles from Earth, we have continued to explore it through a variety of lenses that allow us to further understand its power, its history and its potential safe haven when the Earth has somehow become shattered.

Every month my husband gives a name to the full moon- sometimes they are made up and sometimes they are not. This month he called it the Harvest Moon. I began to think about what we must harvest in our own lives. How we must take in that which we have planted, perhaps getting ourselves ready for the next planting season. This particular moon seems to beckon us to take stock before we go into the craziness of the holidays and family and somehow a time when we seem to lose our sense of our selves. It is a time for the lense to come out, power up and scope the inner workings of what is constant within you.

What is a working constant for you in your life?

What is not working?

What part of you do you need to change or shift or allow to lie dormant so that it can spring alive as a result of a much needed rest?

When do we give ourselves the constant of time to evaluate, get quiet, burrow into our emotional depths and find in ourselves the kernel of light, that is constant, not unlike the moon?

What do you need to harvest within the emotions that you have kept at bay? What parts of you do you need to keep for yourself and what part of you are you ready to reveal? 

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