The Power of Past Life Regression


Have you ever asked the question “Why am I here?” Have you ever wondered why you feel an instant electricity and alignment with certain people and not with others?  Isn’t it curious that through hypnosis we can re-experience being in the womb?

Past Life Regression can help you to understand the patterns in your life, the meaning of your recurring dreams, why illnesses are present, what keeps you stuck and what motivates you in your life.

Imagine having the ability to change your perspective on your life. Yes, we send messages to our brain and our body holds those negative resources to stop us from being all that we can be.

This is a method of changing the negative to the positive. When we gain perspective about why and how we get in the way of our own happiness, we are able to break through the mire of emotional molasses that keeps us embedded in our patterns. When you understand a pattern it can change.

Past Life Regression invites you to go back to a time where patterns were initiated. We take those patterns, look into them, see them for what they were in that time frame and release them.

Delving into the patterns begs us to understand what role Karma plays in your life now. Wayne Dyer says, “How people treat you is their karma: How you react is yours!”

Karma deals with what is. It can be seen through action or deed. It can be linked to a debt that is owed. You are responsible for your Karma. Past Life Regression brings Karma to the forefront of discovering the hidden treasures that are part of who you are today.

When you think about engaging in Past Life Regression the fears that are aroused are often about not wanting to see or feel something that you do not want to experience. The mind is a powerful resource. It will protect you and lead you to what you are able to tolerate.

An experienced Past Life therapist will always create a safe place for you to go during the regression. A garden, the water or whatever you feel is a safe place for you to go to in your mind. You also have the ability to stop the process at any time. You will not go to any place you do not want to go.  It is not the therapists role to tell you what you are seeing, where you are or who you are with.  When the regressive state is expertly guided by a therapist, or if regress on your own with a DVD with a regression on it,  you are not told what you are doing, who you are interacting with or why the interaction is taking place. You are taking note of the sensorial elements in the regression. What do you smell, taste, hear, sense or feel?

What Past Life Regression can do is help you to get in touch with your body and your brain to create a continuity of communication and health that is not attained through conventional means. Healing wounded parts of us can be attained through regression therapy.

Isn’t it nice to know that you can allow yourself to travel in the unknown of your knowing.?

Break through the obstacles in your life with Past Life Regression.

Who do feel a strong connection to, as if you’ve met before?

Do you have fears or phobias that you can’t explain?

Do you resonate with a certain culture of lifestyle that you can’t explain?





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