The Wizard of Oz Series: Part 3

Running from LifeThe story of the Wizard of Oz takes us through an array of emotional complexities. Be aware of how you see yourself as we delve further into the next aspect of the story- Dorothy is swept up into the tornado or cyclone, as it is referred to in the book, the internal driving anger is powerful as it moves her into another realm.

As Dorothy gets caught up in the wind of the tornado, as hard as she tries to get back home to the safety of the storm door and the basement, she does not make it. The angst that she feels does not allow her to reach the safety of home until she goes through her developmental process of enlightenment. This is a process that she is unable to do “at home”, rather she needs to experience the underworld of her psyche in order to find the internal home of awareness and self confidence. A death must occur as part of her birthing process.

We are introduced to the land of the Munchkins where the Wicked Witch of the East has reigned for years. While under her domain they were kept in psychological imprisonment. The Munchkins gleefully tell Dorothy that she is responsible for killing this Witch. When she cries that she did not kill her, it is of no import because her house of origin plopped right down on the Wicked Witch, killing her and setting the Munchkins free!

Dorothy is now faced with meeting good and evil. These archetypes of good and evil, as represented by Glenda, the good Witch and the two evil witches, the Wicked Witch of the East and the Wicked Witch of the West symbolically represent the good and evil we face in our psychological and literal lives.

The Wicked Witch of the West, the surviving wicked witch, tells Dorothy that her hard work of discovery and growth are not done yet, as there are more obstacles along the way- she is one of them.

* Have you ever been so angry that you wanted to lash out?

* Who in your life chastises you to the point of that emotional outpouring?

* What circumstances in your life make you feel that you are misunderstood, leaving you with fear and ambivalence?

Finding herself catapulted into the land of good and evil, Dorothy is horrified that the house has killed the witch. Though the cheerleaders, in the form of the munchkins, are overjoyed with relief because she has killed the very witch they have feared. The killing of the witch is the killing of some part of Dorothy. The part of her that must be killed off so she can journey forth into her next personal adventure, is the child in her, the emerging young woman who is finding her own voice and authenticity. She must learn to deal with her anger as a means to being set free. She does this by stepping into her power.

She does not realize that she carries any power within her.

* Do you know how you carry your own personal power?

* How do you use your voice to speak your truth? Do you even know what your truth is?

It is hard to know what we truly feel because we have worked hard to please others as a way to just get by. When this personal protocol is employed, the psychological effects keep our truths aligned with others yet sacrifices the soul of the self. The intangible soul is colored by choices made in life.

The only one who knows that Dorothy has the ability to be authentic, self-determined and confident is Glenda, the good witch. The all encompassing good Mother! It only takes one person in our lives to believe in us. If we have that, no matter who it is, we can find our path to being mindful of our soul’s work and our souls voice! This leads to being authentic and real.

When Glenda magically removes the Ruby Slippers from the Witch of West’s feet, it is that act that declares her belief in Dorothy to have the self-determination, the ultimate confidence and the ability to conquer the journey before her.

Dorothy must get over the death of the witch before she can continue on with her journey. She must be willing to mourn the death of the part of her that keeps her from moving into the new realm of having a relationship with the magic of her soul. Ultimately, becoming acquainted with all the different parts of her emotional, physical and soulful being.

She does not know the power she carries.

* What power do you carry within you?

* In what way are you stuck in the past, unable to move forward, allowing yourself to be in the delight of your awareness and authenticity?

Write to me and share your thoughts about this journey. Try journalling about your own relationship with your soul, your emotions and your body.

How does your anger, or any powerful emotion, get in the way of your growth, your self-confidence and your joy?

What must you mourn to help move you to the next part of your souls journey?


  1. Louise says:

    Thank you for this lovely post. I had a bad day today and what you said really is similar to what is going on in my life at the moment. I have absolutely no idea how to ‘fix’ any of it. It really cheered me up reading this and I hope it will work for me.

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