What’s Next?

missing-malaysian-planeA primal, raw response is occurring around the world as the unanswered mystery continues to haunt the news and media. This is not just about a plane gone missing: This is deeper and viscerally insidious.

What the hell happened to that plane? If this can happen to them, what other evil is lurking in the minds of those who can bring us down?

Are you thinking about the missing flight? Are you even a bit agitated about it? Are you experiencing a sense that if this can happen in a world where technology abounds and has many answers what other unanswered mysteries will present themselves?

What does it bring up for you? For me, I do wonder what is next? An internal disquiet stirs me at a level that has no words and leaves me with a sense of impotence.

It is agitating and for some, a bit consuming as the mystery that surrounds the missing flight is in every news story with conjecture that moves from common sense to the bizarre, such as the idea that aliens have taken the plane.

Have you ever experienced a traumatic event? Does this sound familiar to you?

Though everyone responds differently to trauma, here are some common experiences when in survivorship mode:

1. Feel crazy: there are intrusive thoughts that barrage the mind
2. Disconnected: Seems as if the world is blurry, concentration is difficult
3. Constant rumination about the loss, the deceased, about what will happen next
4. Frightened: Fearful that another catastrophe will happen again
5. Sad: Remembering and re-experiencing the moment the information was given
6. Anxious: Distressed at the reminders of the lost loved one: hungering to find the cause
7. Trust is hard: If this could happen now, what else will happen

The journey to recovering a sense of self after facing a horrific loss is one that forces the surviving loved ones to enter into a focus of moving through the phases of grief. Joining a support group, sharing with friends and family and taking the time to grieve and to mourn is imperative to finding the way back to life. The life that was known prior to the sudden loss will never be the same. Life does not end for any survivor as it is a battle of moving in and out of the emotional tides that are embedded in any cycle of loss.
Questions to ask yourself:

How do you respond to trauma?
-How does the missing Malaysian plane effect you?
-What does watching the grieving of others conjure within yourself?


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