Be Radical 2

Be Radical


Yes, it is time to meet the part of you that craves to be heard and give it the nurturing it needs.

Do you ignore the inner voice that tells you to go beyond the limits created only by the desire to keep things safe? Jump off the precipice and fly. Take the chances necessary to pay homage to the workings of the soul.

Imagine the journey not yet taken…

What changes can be made in the life created?

How often is your soul blocked when the word and intention of “No” enters your sphere? How about allowing, “Yes” to replace the rapidly appearing “No”? This can occur with a dream of what could be. Isn’t it time to stop taking “No” for an answer, especially when it comes to respecting and honoring the hunger of the soul?

Do it- now- even if in little steps.

  1. Take a breath- this is a way of honoring the psyche.
  2. Write down a daydream or find time in the day to be in fantasy.
  3. Be playful- what will bring a smile to the inner self and create it.
  4. Meditate in small doses: take one minute of time, look around, focus on something special: a scent in the air, a child laughing, the clouds in the sky, feeling the ground beneath your feet.
  5. Take a leap of faith- Dare to be daring!

The voice of the soul craves to be heard. Start now!