Be Your Own Valentine

OK- so it’s another Valentine’s Day. The hype is on. Do you buy into it or do you let the day pass as if it is just another day? Is your interest in the day relationship dependent?

Opportunity knocks loudly to take this week and make yourself the object of desire.

What does that mean?  If you like chocolates and flowers, buy them for yourself- and guess what- you do not need V-Day as an excuse to be good to you.

I am amazed at how little effort goes into being good to ourselves. Busy lives, running around with no end in site, time disappearing while on the internet as you explore and purchase things you don’t need or maybe even ultimately want.

Be your own valentine by making time for you. I don’t know what that will look like for you. Take a moment. Find a quiet spot, turn off from the media, your phones are off, computers are down and maybe you have music in the background. Ask your self to be in the moment of you. Without distractions what do you hear? Can you hear your breath? Can you feel the beat of your heart? Does your heart sound like the soothing beat of a drum?

The following song is about 8 minutes. Sit with it, look at the imagery in the video, and start the day with a mindfulness dedicated to meeting the best in you.

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