Drama Interrupted 2

Drama Interrupted


It is all about being real, isn’t it?

Raw reality, if it was all taken away and you just had you. No cell phones, no Internet, no TV… what would you think about? What would you feel? What would you know about yourself? What would you do with your kids? How would you relate to others? How would you fill the silence? What would you write? What would you create?

Exercise: For the 5 senses: for the heck of it.

Close your eyes: what do you smell? What do you hear? How does your skin feel? What do you taste? What do your eyes see even though they are closed?

Intimacy begins with the self.

When you nurture the self, you have more to give to others in your life. They feel you and know that you want to be seen by them. When you are willing to be unveiled in front of another it is because you have chosen to be unveiled to yourself.