Find Your Freedom in 2016


Yes, it sounds cliché to say: “Be the person you want to be.” How many of us actually embody the ability and desire to do just that? Is it cliché to ask the question when so often the idea of honoring the self is the last on the list. How often do you find that you will honor someone else before you actually honor you?! We all have an internal voice that stirs within the soul, that wants to come out and let folks know who you really are. What causes you to stop that voice? You hear it, yet few have a chance to hear it too!

The voice unspoken is often held in a self appointed cage. Within the confines of the cage you are safe yet also imprisoned. Imagine the voice like a prism through which one can see the beauty of light and the magic of color.

Ask yourself the right questions. Ask yourself questions. Get out of whatever cage you have created. Make a different cage for yourself. One that is diverse, keeps you safe yet not confined, does not own the key to your heart but rather gives you the key to your heart.

Freedom comes in many forms. It starts within the soul. Only you have the keys to your soul. Only you have the keys to your heart. Only you have the keys to your knowledge and your desire.

Freedom, like none ever known, will be felt, honored and lived when you decide to break down the barriers that lead to an open heart, an open mind and a conscious soul.

Happy New Year as you embark on your life journey.

Let go and be Free!