Grief and Sexuality Workshop


The sexual self is a mosaic made up of all of our experiences up to this point. What happened to you sexually as an adolescent, as a young adult, as an adult and as a sage-like adult, affects how
and why sex is the way it is for you. And this means even if you’re not having sex.

This groups focuses on the sexual self: How to talk to the different parts of you. What keeps you from experiencing pleasure? What is your language around love and sex?

Using role play, interactive group games, story telling and mind/body meditation, you will tap into the grief you hold, and that holds you back from fully enjoying your sensual and sexual self.

  1. When you think of sex, what comes to mind? (Think about the best sex you’ve ever had, and the worst sex you’ve ever had. What images come to mind).
  2. Who taught you about sex?
  3. What was your first period like?
  4. Are there aspects of your sexual life you value and like to continue or hold onto??
  5. What aspects of your sexual life are fantasy and what aspects actually occur?
  6. Think of your most intense (best) sexual experience, has it happened or is it still to come?
  7. What makes you feel most erotic?
  8. When do you feel spontaneous sexually?

As you respond to the questions, are you aware of any sadness within you? Are you having sex at all? If not, what is stopping you? Do you feel frozen?

Explore all of these questions and more. Isn’t it time to have the kind of sex you want to have? Stop getting in your own way.

Join this group of 10 very special women

When: April 27, 2019
Where: NYC
Time: 10-3
Snacks included
Fee: $300.00

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If you have any questions – ask! I’m happy to respond.