In Just a Minute…

In Just a Minute... 1

Memorial Day is a day to remember fallen heroes who fought for freedom. It is now a day that represents the beginning of summer. As the school year ends it is a time for kids in the US to have time off.

The meaning of the day often goes unnoticed. We have a hard time thinking about the people we mourn. The heroes in our lives who have died or left us leave indelible marks on who we are and how we choose to live.

The folks in Moore, Oklahoma whose town was ravaged by a tornado that wrecked homes, took lives and shattered dreams are learning who their heroes are. Isn’t it amazing that everything can change from what we know to what we don’t know or can’t understand? In just a minute….

I’d like you to think about what can change in a minute?

  • Can a relationship change?
  • Can your home change?
  • Can your perceptions change?

Can you define what a hero is to you?

If you were to think about your heroes who would they be?

Do you need some disaster to happen before you can identify your heroes?

I am sure the people in Moore, Oklahoma have met some heroes they never thought they would meet. Perhaps it is in the eyes of a child, or a FEMA worker, or a teacher who saved their child’s life. And perhaps it is a part of you that you never thought existed!

Memorial day does not have to be just a day to remember those who fought for freedom or what they believed in, it can be a day when you revel in the beauty of those who fight for your lodging, or schooling or inner peace when you are unable to do those things for yourself. They help you get back on your feet. They help you to believe in rebuilding a life, a community or even your spiritual relationships.

Have a good summer. Enjoy the power of who you are and meet the hero that also exists in you!