Just Do It!

burning-heartSounds like advice around sex, doesn’t it? Well it is! It is also about life. So, I just did it! Something I have always wanted to do- I am now a Certified Sex Therapist!

For years I wanted to go back to school and follow through on this desire, but I had so many excuses- time, money, what do I need it for…all paltry reasons for not following my heart- my intellectual heart and my loving heart.

It was a year of traveling to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and meeting folks from all over the world: we even had a religious leader in our group who was an Imam, and taught us so much about observation, quiet and being outside of one’s comfort zone.

I learned about issues that I hope to never encounter in my practice, while creating an internal eclectic that elicits compassion and a desire to continue to learn. Not to stay blind because it is easier, but rather to have my eyes wide open and my heart to follow suit.

A plethora of changes occurred in my use of language. No longer just the LGBTQI community…now we have Bi-gendered, Trans-fluid and Cisgender….are just a few of the points of study that I have now become more involved with.

And desire…we all have it… yet, do we honor it? Do you even know how to communicate what you desire? And if not, why not?

So, to all of you— stop the excuses as to why you can’t do something you desire…make it happen!

You have today. So JUST DO IT!!!

PS: My posts will now incorporate conversations about sex. I will always have grief and loss as part of what I talk about.