Libya: The Death of a Dictator

When death, destruction and fear based laws are inscribed in the way of life, it would seem that before freedom is understood and created, the survivors of the dictators’ rule would need an emotional debriefing.Trust. Anxiety. Fear. Nightmares. All of these will be part of their healing process. If they can heal through some of the trauma of survivorship, they can begin their individual journey of being curious about what life could be like for them. It can begin a time of inquisitiveness, the exploration of the souls journey and the patching of a culture where the cloth of death, spotted with the blood and torture of many, has time to mend.

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Gay Marriage- Finally Legalized in New York State!

What a triumph. How wonderful for all the people I know and love and even for those I have never met, yet who have been denied this basic right-the right to bond legally. Why shouldn’t everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, be given the same rights that every man and woman who marry have. Isn’t that what it is all about? Aren’t we one step closer to closing gaps of difference?

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