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As an expert in grief, trauma, and sexuality I work with businesses, universities, and organizations to help their people and students understand how these areas filter through our lives and affect everything from our creativity to our productivity. Working together, we bring creative ways to deal with grief, trauma, and sexuality to your event. A keen speaker, I’m hired by companies and universities to deliver dynamic and transformational workshops and keynotes.


Using my 20 plus years of experience as a psychotherapist I integrate my formal training with my proprietary methods for dealing with grief, trauma, and sexuality to help people thrive. I’m dedicated to helping people cope with the fear and struggle that holds them back from their full potential.


NBC, Psychology Today, Blog Talk Radio, Thrive Global, Newsmax, Bookstr, Psycom, Baruch College, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal on A&E TV.


I received such an enthusiastic response from the students that attend the program you You were a guest speaker at- Sex in the Dark. Many shared they were able to ask questions they have been embarrassed to ask and you answered without judgement and helped to create a safe space. Thank you for being the guest speaker. – April 2019, Joy Allison, Associate Director, Student Affairs, Baruch College

​With your clear compassion for others and enthusiasm for helping others, you have made a great difference in my life for the better as I’m sure you have many others. – Caitlyn

Edy is a gifted professional and healer whose heart is always at the core of her work. – Andrea Martone, President, Intuitive Vision Network; Sponsor of the Psychic & Spiritual Healing Cruises

Many thanks for your participation at our program on 2/21, Sex Ed: What You Wish You Knew. The students shared you were insightful and taught them about grief in a way they have not known; self-discovery. You were a great addition to the program and your ease with talking to college students about sexual wellness was needed for a topic that some shared they were uncomfortable to talk about however wanted to discuss. – ​February 2019, Joy Allison, Associate Director, Student Affairs, Baruch College

From the moment we spoke on the phone, I knew I had found the right therapist for me. Edy is extremely professional, intuitive, perceptive, compassionate and intelligent. Her office is sunny, warm and inviting. Although I have only seen her four times thus far, I can confidently say that I highly recommend her.  – VE


  • Healthcare and Hospice care: those experiencing burnout, grieving patients and families
  • HR Managers who want to invest in their employee’s mental health
  • University/ College Directors and Program Managers who want to engage their students in a creative way around topics such as sexuality, sex and grief, loss, and LGBTQIA+ inclusion
  • Therapeutic Professionals who want to integrate the grief conversation for their clients
  • LGBTQIA+ organizations looking to support the community on the topic of grief and trauma
  • Adoption agencies and organizations


  • Grief
  • Sex/Sexuality across the life span
  • College Students: Sex, Sexuality and Safety
  • Aging
  • Adoption Triad
  • ​Womens’ ​Empowerment
  • Trauma and Sexuality
  • Trauma and Parenting
  • Transgender Grief
  • ​Sexual Wellness
  • Burnout: Professional caregivers and patient caregiving family members