Stuck? 2



Did you know that you have the power within you to have the life you want?

Dream it:
Create the whole picture of what you want your life to be. Then break the picture down into small baskets. Name each basket. The baskets are your “Dream Catchers”. There will be many baskets. For example, if you want your life to be simpler. Think about the ways in which your life is more complicated then you would like it to be. Create baskets that represent the complications.
Here are some examples of aspects that potentially endanger you from having the life you want:
Job, Family, Friends, Money and Health

Here is an illustration of a job basket breakdown:
Is your job an emotional or time vampire? Create a basket that represents your job: in that basket write down what you know about you and the job. Time spent at the job, what you dislike about it are examples of the types of determinations that go into the basket.

Create the job transition basket and in it you are taking into account your expertise, the talents required to hold the job, the livelihood(s) you imagine transitioning into and if you liked or were fulfilled with any facet of your job.

Within each topic create a transition basket. Powerfully created by you, this basket highlights the necessary tools you will need to shift your dream into a reality.

All or nothing thinking keeps you stuck, instead imagine a full rainbow when addressing your transition baskets.

Break Down The Most Important Parts of the Dream:
Number them from 1-10 for example, 1 represents what you need to work on first to embody the life you want. You might find that what was initially important to you to work on changes as you focus on those life-altering alternatives. That’s ok- this is about entertaining the idea of moving out of stagnation and into fulfillment.

Take the Risks: C’mon, you and I know that when you take a risk one of two things will happen. You will either achieve what you set out to do or you will fail- either way you are a winner. When you achieve through taking a risk you learn that risk taking can motivate you to the next step of making the dream happen. When you fail, you gather information that enables you to re-think the next step. Both outcomes are invaluable.

Little Dreams Become Big Ones:
Create little dream baskets and big dream baskets. The little dream baskets are stimulate the endeavor for the life change. When you embody the little dreams through your nourishment of them, it makes the big dreams and the life shifts more possible.

Create a Dream Of the Life I Want time line:
Sit down with your calendar. Mark the calendar with dates of completion for little dream accomplishments. When you will create your baskets, time that you will work on the life changing plans, who you need to reach out to in order to make the plan a reality and information gathering are all part of the time line.

Keep your eye on the dream- keep your heart in it- hold onto yourself cause sometimes this journey is bumpy- learn from the bumps and …