V is for…Victory!



Oh my sweet Valentine, be mine!


Oh my sweet Valentine, shut out the rhetoric of the ads

Still the mind, don’t buy into Hallmark

Still the mind,

Still the mind, find the internal light

Still the mind, stay put, not in flight

Still the mind,

Still the mind, stay out of the dark


Oh my sweet Valentine, I see me in the mirror

The me that I am enthralled to know

The me that I want to adore

The me that continues to grow

The me that demands that I soar


Oh my sweet Valentine, I see my heart and soul unfold

My heart and soul belong to me

My heart and soul holds me strong

My heart and soul are filled with chi

My heart and soul sing sweet nothings to me all day long.


Oh my sweet Valentine, I value your truth

I value the best in you

I value the joy of choices

I value the good and bad times, too.

I value the balance of my voices


Oh my sweet Valentine,

It is me I see

No need for anyone to legitimize me

I have the me I need for now

The Valentine is for I, not Thou!


With all of the ads for flowers, chocolate and expensive jewelry it can easily make one think that being unattached is horrific. NOT! Enjoy YOU! You are the best Valentine ever!


Here is a history of Valentine’s Day