What is femininity?


Today I’d like you to welcome my guest blogger, Karen from FemmeFever.com. She has worked with bi-gendered men for many years. What is curious to me is that if you read this article, and don’t think about it being directed to a specific audience of men, aren’t these issues often the very same complexities that many women deal with on a daily basis?

The majority of those identifying as Bi-Gendered grow up admiring women. Paying close attention to their makeup, clothing, and how they walk and speak. From the time they are little boys, they are trying on women’s clothing and trying to mimic a woman’s walk in their mother’s high heels.
The excitement and feeling of wearing stockings or the clicking of their heels is enough to make them want to repeat the behavior again and again.

As these little boys grow older, for many of them desire to dress stays with them and the need to pass as women is greater. Their most potent longing when dressed is to be flirtatious, sexy and glamorous. Yet, he often mistakes the calm he feels when dressed as the panacea to long term angst he has had throughout his life. As She, He is permitted to express an inner strength that eludes him when undressed.
Each one of us has a different definition of femininity.
What is yours? How do you come to embrace and accomplish it?

Femininity is a set of behaviors, attributes and characteristics. Many Bi Gendered men come to emit them naturally while most benefit from exploring their desires and getting in closer touch with the woman inside their male exterior. They need to merge their minds to the image they want to be in able to attain a satisfactory result.

To find one’s personal style is often a daunting task: something that most people struggle with. Makeup: what kind to use, and how to apply it along with wigs or hair styling are part of creating the external female image. There is much that constitutes a female image. Getting closely in touch with yours, as well as being taught some very important lessons (i.e.,: comportment, makeup, style) and can be quite helpful.

Most bi-gendered men strive to emulate their version of the ideal woman. Lets get in touch with that woman and find out what feeling like a woman really means. There is great power and euphoria when looking in the mirror at the refection of a woman you admire and are attracted to, only to realize you are looking at yourself!