opening-handsEdy Nathan, MA, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience specializing in the integration of psychotherapy and the world of spirituality. She holds a Masters from New York University and Fordham. She has post-graduate training from the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, The Gestalt Center and the Jungian Institute.

She is a certified EMDR practitioner, regression therapist and certified Hypnotherapist.

In her expertise as a grief therapist she interweaves her formal training as a psychotherapist with her views on trauma, abuse, and death. She believes that everyone experiences grief throughout their lives. Grief is not just about the death of a loved one, but the losses we experience in life. Having trained with renowned past life therapy regressionist, Brian Weiss MD  and Shamanic Healer, Hank Wesselman PhD, the use of these mediums in helping people cope with their grief allows Edy a wide repertoire of tools that help people learn to live with their grief.  She believes that you cannot talk about the process of death, whether it is the loss of a loved one or it is the loss of a limb or the loss of the life you once knew, without bringing in the souls work.  It is an essential element in her practice that she offers her clients the chance to combine psychotherapy with a spiritual practice. She is dedicated to helping people cope with the fear and struggle that holds them back from their full potential.

For two seasons, Edy was the psychotherapist on the show, “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal” on A & E TV. She worked with three amazing psychics, Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming and Kim Russo. Each one of these talented people offer different aspects to the world of spiritualism and psychic ability. You cannot talk about the psychic world without talking about death.

Edy specializes in working with adults, couples and children. She holds 3-5 day intensive Grief To Grace and Growth groups in New York, Florida and New Jersey. She has been a Key Note Speaker and workshop leader for 9 years on the topic of Grief for the “Spiritual Healing Cruises” She has spoken for “The Thanatological Society” on “Grief Speak: Creative Ways to Cope with Loss”.  A leader in the field of grief she has spoken and led groups for “The Adoption Conference”.  At Beth Israel Hospital, where she worked intensely with long term illness, HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse she was invited to speak at Grand Rounds about loss, speaking to patients about death and to staff on burnout in the work place..

Traveling to different parts of the country, she offers weekends and week long soul explorations that help people to deeply nurture and digest the wounding they carry within.

Her writing includes articles for Parent Magazine: “Grief and Your Child”, “When a Grandparent Dies” “Coping with the Anxiety Of Loss”. Contributing writer to “Talking To Our Children” and John Holland’s “Born Knowing”, Edy has written many articles on the topic of grief and loss. Look for her interactive book on grief, “Healing the Wounded Heart: The Gifts of Grief” and “Grief with Grace” coming out in 2013.

Emotions can either flood us or they can leave us void of feelings. The interactive psycho-therapeutic approach helps you to discover your personal joy, unearth your traumas and understand your fears.

The by-product of this work encourages you to meet the person within. Grief is always around. How you listen to it and use it can be life changing. It is your choice! A universal language of self understanding, soothing the soul and consciousness helps you to help yourself.