Drama Interrupted

It is all about being real, isn’t it? Raw reality, if it was all taken away and you just had you. No cell phones, no Internet, no TV… what would you think about? What would you feel? What would you know about yourself? What would you do with your … [Read more...]

What is femininity?

Today I’d like you to welcome my guest blogger, Karen from FemmeFever.com. She has worked with bi-gendered men for many years. What is curious to me is that if you read this article, and don’t think about it being directed to a specific audience of … [Read more...]

Find Your Freedom in 2016

Yes, it sounds cliché to say: “Be the person you want to be.” How many of us actually embody the ability and desire to do just that? Is it cliché to ask the question when so often the idea of honoring the self is the last on the list. How often do … [Read more...]

Just Do It!

Sounds like advice around sex, doesn’t it? Well it is! It is also about life. So, I just did it! Something I have always wanted to do- I am now a Certified Sex Therapist! For years I wanted to go back to school and follow through on this desire, … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Reignite Your Passion

The ability to sustain sexual intimacy within a long term relationship or marriage is challenging. Couples often forget how to engage in conversation, touch, play, and humor when it comes to sex. Focusing on the verbal and non-verbal cues is … [Read more...]

Be Radical

Yes, it is time to meet the part of you that craves to be heard and give it the nurturing it needs. Do you ignore the inner voice that tells you to go beyond the limits created only by the desire to keep things safe? Jump off the precipice and … [Read more...]

What Type of Mom Are You?

Mother’s Day! Once a year! Really? Actually once you’re a mother; it’s an every day kinda thing. If you are a mom, your mom is alive or has passed, there are so many ways to recognize the role you are in and the impact your mom has had on … [Read more...]

Marriage and Couples Therapy

Relationships take a partnership between two people to co-create a vision that works for both of them and works for each individually. Sustaining a long-term relationship or marriage takes effort, dedication and lots of hard work. Edy Nathan MA, … [Read more...]

Dog tired?

It’s spring. Time to get some Vitamin D from the rays, find laughter in your heart and feel the lightness within your soul. Laughter and humor are often the best remedies for the moments when you feel psychically exhausted. Here are photos that … [Read more...]

Be Your Own Valentine

OK- so it’s another Valentine’s Day. The hype is on. Do you buy into it or do you let the day pass as if it is just another day? Is your interest in the day relationship dependent? Opportunity knocks loudly to take this week and make yourself the … [Read more...]